Nitro Powered Remote Control Cars – Are They Safe For My Kids?

There are two types of remote control cars, hobby grade cars (often referred to as ‘radio controlled cars’ by enthusiasts) and toy grade cars and both can provide hours of fun and enjoyment, for the right person. Toy grade cars are ideal remote control cars for kids (over three years old) and these are often cheaper, compared to hobby grade remote control cars. Toy grade cars tend to be available at toys shops and from websites like eBay, and they are great for introducing younger children to an exciting hobby. However these should not be confused with hobby grade cars.

Hobby grade remote control cars are more expensive, but offer several benefits if your child is likely to take the hobby more seriously. For example, spares are often available, you’ll be able to make repairs (or even get your car serviced in a specialist shop) and they come as a build it yourself kit or ‘ready to run’ from the box. They are also generally faster, as they are powered by either high performance electric motors, petrol or even Nitro engines! For this reason, Nitro powered cars are not really suitable for younger children, as they can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h! In fact, most reputable brands recommend that Nitro powered cars are only suitable for teenagers and adults.

Nitro remote control cars are usually powered by model 2-stroke engines that run on specially formulated model fuel, which is available from specialist shops and websites. Other than speed, there are several further reasons why they are not suitable for younger children. For example, they require an in depth user knowledge, they are more difficult to start and Nitro fuel can be dangerous stuff!

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