Internet relationship

Bad and good ways to meet someone online

Just a few years ago it was unthinkable for people to meet someone in person, whom they just met online. Today, it’s the norm. According to some estimates, many more relationships – both gay and bisexual – start with meeting someone online today, than just a few years ago. Even business dealings, like buying or selling a car or laptop, are increasingly being initiated online through sites like Kijiji and Craigslist.
When meeting someone off the internet, you need to take certain precautions. Here at Online Sex Addict, we are committed to promoting safe online meets. Read on to learn how to keep yourself safe when moving forward with a meet with someone that you met over the internet.
Internet relationship: don’t be afraid to take that next step
While an online relationship starts on the internet, it usually goes to the next level fairly quickly – whether it is for closing a business transaction, establishing long-term friendships, casual sex, steady dating and even cohabitation or marriage. And that means you often get to meet the individual in-person. And there lies the risk!
The bad thing about meeting someone through an online medium is that the internet it is a very anonymous place. There are online auction and trading exchanges, chat sites, hook-up services, dating services, relationship brokers and online casual “fling” forums all over the internet. It’s hard to know who is frequenting those sites, and what their intentions are.
While the vast majority of relationship seekers come there just to seek companionship with like minded people – and maybe build on that; the anonymity of online meets gives rise to certain undesirable characteristics:
Just as you wouldn’t invite total strangers into your home, so too you should never invite online strangers into your life without vetting them first
Time wasters and fakers are known to chat up an individual, and then never show up for an in-person meet
Predators will often gain your trust online, and then harm you (rob, rape) when you meet them in-person
Because you can’t do much in advance to confirm their identity, people you meet online could turn out to be scammers. Once you’ve met them in person, and they’ve won your confidence, they could borrow your car, ask you to lend them money, or even steal your identity and make off
Merchandise buyers and sellers are known to have been duped by people they met online, losing their merchandise and money – and sadly even their lives sometimes
There is a lot of bad that can come from meeting someone online, but that does not mean you cannot initiate a safe online relationship – whether professional or personal – over the internet.

Online meets can often lead to a world of benefits for both parties. You could build successful long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships online, and further them in-person for profit and success. And there are many examples of couples meeting online first, then in person, who have successfully gone on to cement personal bonds and even start families.
So, all in all, if done right, meeting someone online could be a fun experience. And that’s exactly the kind of experience that Online Sex Addict aims to promote by proposing you follow these guidelines:
When initiating an online relationship on a website or forum, make sure you do your own investigation about the site first. Then, seek out recommendations from friends or other users to validate your own findings
Only use reputable sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, OKCupid or eHarmony to initiate a business or personal online relationship. While you are not guaranteed to be protected from the “bad” effects discussed earlier, the chances are far more minimized than if you were to use a lesser-known forum
Never provide too much personal information about yourself at first. Only populate the bare minimum details about yourself on your profile: take a look here electronic meeting advantages disavantages
If available, use the maximum privacy settings at first, and then relax them for selected individuals once your comfort levels have increased
A great way to ensure a safe online meet is to establish voice contact BEFORE you meet in person. And to do that anonymously, you can use tools like Google Voice to protect your privacy (phone number)
A good way to safely meet an online contact in-person is to meet at a time and place of your own choosing – not theirs. Make it a day-time meet if possible, and always in a public place – like a restaurant or a bookstore or mall
Never meet someone without letting those you know and trust know where and when you plan on meeting them. A great location sharing app, like Moby’s Simple Location Sharing app will do the trick for you!
One final piece of advice that anyone will offer you, is to ensure that you never get into a vehicle driven by someone you don’t trust during your initial few in-person meets. Insist on travelling in your own vehicle, or have a friend drop you and pick you up from the “safe zone” agreed ahead of time.

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