Get a High With Gas Powered Remote Control Cars

These cars are definitely not for toddlers. If you are looking for the first remote control car for your child of 5, do not get a gas powered RC car. These babies are for hobbyist and car enthusiasts – mainly teenagers and adults.

The market for nitro gas powered RC cars is booming right now. This is because the number of RC hobbyists has grown tremendously. Secondly, the choices of gas powered RC cars are numerous. Thirdly, the number of competitions or races one can join has also increased.

What makes the gas powered RC car so popular? There are so many reasons but I think the main cause for its popularity is that this RC car is powerful and tune-able. You can tweak it according to your preference, and it can reach speeds of over 45 mph.

Aside from these two reasons, the gas powered RC car is durable. It has adjustable suspension and oil-filled shocks and springs which allows it to do high jumps easily.

You can even change the gears of this toy. It has smooth differential just like a real car would have. The accessories that go with each model can make you drop your jaw in amazement.

Have I interested you enough? If this is your first time to buy a gas powered RC car, I would suggest a beginner’s kit. Something we call ready-to-run kit. To be practical with your purchase, get a kit that is upgradeable.

Suppose you want to challenge yourself, then go out an buy a kit and build your RC car from scratch. It is a lot of fun and easy too – just make sure you follow the instructions perfectly.

When you have got it together, go out and get the special nitro fuel for your RC car. You cannot buy this at your local gas station. It is not the same gas that you put in your cars. Although your RC car boasts of high horsepower, do not try to go top speed immediately. Just like a new car, you should break in your gas powered RC car. The kit would instruct you how to do this.

When I mentioned earlier that this toy is durable, I do not mean it cannot break. While it can cover high speeds, if you constantly hit or crash it, it will break apart. It is after all, a toy.

One of the most important things to remember about playing with your gas powered RC car is maintenance. After racing it, you have to clean it. This does not mean merely to wash off the dirt on the car exterior. Check the oil regularly. There are some parts that wear and tear more than others. Without getting too technical, your RC car has to be treated properly. If you push it too hard, without caring for its parts, you can expect that it will wear down faster.

The fun of having a gas powered RC car comes with responsibility as well. Take care of your RC car, you never know, it might one day be a classic.

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